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But did you know that adult entertainment in the city of Leeds is becoming harder to find since many of the city's strip clubs were closed down? Here's what you need to know if you're looking to engage the services of a beautiful Leeds escort for your night out.

Beautiful Leeds Escorts

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Leeds at night is a thing to behold. Even a seasoned clubber would have no difficulty finding something original and cool to do in this buzzing city. Nightlife options are many and varied. There are student bars, cocktail lounges and upscale ale houses to visit on a night out in the city as well as a host of house and live music venues.

Is comes as no surprise therefore that Leeds is one of the UK's leading destinations for Stag parties but in recent years the number of venues associated with this particular area of entertainment have diminished. Residents have forced the city council to revoke the licences of many Leeds strip clubs meaning there is now a distinct lack of adult entertainment venues in the city.

Many of the girls who were employed by these strip clubs (a large proportion of whom are students) have since turned to escorting as a means of financial support. As with stripping, sex is not normally on the menu (unless a client is willing to pay for the privilege of course), so the change in role is not too significant. Escorts in Leeds will quite happily meet clients on an outcall basis, as long as the chosen venue is considered public, so party-goers can easily arrange for an escort to travel to a bar, restaurant or even hotel if they so wish.

Increased demand for escort services in Leeds has lead to the formation of several new escort agencies. The number of girls now working as escorts in Leeds is staggering. In fact, the money is so good that many who leave the industry often return to it after a short time in the world of "9 to 5" employment, as a day job simply doesn't compensate them in the same way. If an escort is successful in establishing a small base of regular, "wealthy" clients she can expect to be paid handsomely for her time; travel on lavish holidays and regularly receive expensive gifts. A good escort can earn a fortune if she knows how to work well and understands the risks and implications of the job.

Perhaps the most obvious of these is her sexual health. This is vital in escorting and, as such, escorts are regularly tested for STD's; almost always taking the proper precautions to reduce their exposure to disease. As well as the physical risks, emotional attachments should also be avoided, even though this is often easier said than done when an escort has regular clientel. There are additional aspects of escorting that an escort must consider such as personal security and social prejudice. Both of these considerations can be managed, at least in part, by a reputable agency that allows its employees to use an assumed name and/ or conceals their facial identities on websites and other marketing materials. Sometimes, however, these measures are not enough and many escorts will deliberately work in neighbouring cities to their own so that private lives and work lives do not overlap. 

Information about the vast majority of escort agencies in Leeds, such as Premier Leeds Escorts can be found online, so if you're planning a boys' night out in Leeds (Stag or otherwise) with a focus on the fairer sex, it's relatively easy to organise female company with a simple phone call or email. This should be done 24 to 48 hours prior to your arrival. Obviously the most popular escorts may require a longer notice period to accommodate you, so it's probably best to choose more than one Leeds escort in case your first choice is unavailable.